Learn to MAKE MUSIC!


Learning to play a musical instrument makes you smarter, improves your memory, and broadens your social horizons.

At Zvučni Planet, we help you to learn and play with confidence. We combine the best of classical and new teaching methods in lessons adjusted to your individual pace. Our courses for children introduce them to musical styles and traditions from across the world.

Have you always wanted to learn an instrument, or to sing? Or would you like to refresh your playing? We offer tuition to all ages and stages from 5+!

What makes us different


Zvučni Planet takes a completely individual approach with each student, there are no exams or official achievement levels.

We judge success by whether our students and teachers are happy with progress.

Our team is made up of professional musicians, singers and music teachers, all with many years of invaluable teaching experience.
No one can learn to play an instrument overnight. Learning music is a long-term project, and teaching is about building good teacher-student relationships. Some of our students have been with their teacher from first grade to secondary school graduation!

You can start learning an instrument at Zvučni Planet without entering formal education. If children wish to continue in the state system, transition is easy – all our pupils have passed music school auditions.

Our students come from all over the world!

Meet people from different countries and cultures with an interest in music.


Trial lesson

Meet the teacher and talk about your aims and expectations. Learn how to position your hands on the instrument, and make your first sounds!

First lessons

Now you will learn basic playing techniques. Get a feel for the instrument, practise the right posture, learn to produce a quality sound.

Get an instrument

If you want to make progress, you will need to have your own instrument. We provide advice on instruments for beginners and what size to buy for children. Violin pupils: we offer instruments for rent (sizes 1/8 to 1/1).


Twenty to thirty minutes a day is about right to start with. Practice every second day will still develop playing skills. Less: progress will be slower.

Learn basic notation

Learning to read music is part of your lesson (we offer an extra group lesson for children). Learn to read notes, masterbasic rhythm, and play your first pieces!

Build confidence

Lessons are once or twice a week. You will develop your playing skills at your own pace. Your teacher will help you to play with confidence.


Zvučni Planet organises two annual concerts for students – or simply play for your family and friends!


How important is talent?


People often link the concept of talent to learning a musical instrument. Violinist Hrvoje Budak says having talent is good, but talent without putting in effort doesn’t go far.

Why not just learn an instrument online?


Online tutorials are often informative and fun. But only interaction with a ‘real’ teacher will start you off correctly, and there’s the motivation factor, too. Here’s what guitarist Hrvoje Sudar thinks about ‘live’ lessons versus video…

How much practice is good practice?


Learning a musical instrument usually gets off to an enthusiastic start. But finding the time and the motivation to practise isn’t always easy. Pianist Marina Matolić says playing a little every day is better than a long session once a week.

You’d like to sing? Your body is your instrument…


Developing your singing voice means using muscles you probably didn’t even realise you had! Soprano Amela Jančić Priganica has encouragement for anyone who would like to sing but has held back until now.



We offer individual tuition and tuition in small groups (two to three pupils).

For classical instruments we recommend additional music theory from year two.

We run music courses and workshops at:

• Waldorf School, Zagreb
• Deutsche Internationale Schule in Zagreb
• École française de Zagreb
• American International School of Zagreb
• Bright Horizons – British School of Zagreb
• Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb
• SOS Children´s Village, Lekenik

Meet our teachers


Violinist schooled at the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Olga Parkhomenko. Hrvoje’s teaching method is based on the Russian Violin School, and is dedicated to developing a rich and pure sound and full freedom of expression. Hrvoje is co-founder of Zvučni Planet.


Professor of Piano Accompaniment at Zagreb Music Academy. Marina performs piano solo concerts in Croatia and abroad, also with many chamber ensembles. Her lessons emphasize the beauty and subtlety of the piano’s sound, while respecting the style and character of the music as well as the individuality of each pupil.


Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in several bands performing in Croatia and abroad. Having explored many genres, Hrvoje found a home in traditional music spanning Southeast Europe to the British Isles, as well as jazz and blues. His teaching repertoire is just as versatile, covering an extensive range of rock and pop songs.


Soprano and soloist with the HRT Radio and Television Choir. Amela performs widely in Croatia and beyond, and runs singing seminars. She is a passionate teacher who focuses on freeing the singing voice, broadening its range and strengthening projection: “Overcome your fear of singing in front of others!”


Elementary school music teacher. Irena teaches piano, recorder, choir and music theory to children with unmitigated enthusiasm: “I especially enjoy bringing intonation, rhythm, singing, listening to music, improvisation and the pleasure of socializing along with music closer to the hearts of children.”


Drummer and session musician for rock and progressive music. Rene enjoys transferring his knowledge to young people just starting out into the world of music. For Zvučni Planet, he has taught drum set to a generation of children at the EuroCampus school.


Individual tuition:
payment for a block of ten lessons.

You can register throughout the year!

Two pupils together:

payment for a three-month block.

Fees include sheet music and participation in the annual Zvučni Planet concerts.

Trg Marka Marulića 12 (city centre)

Samoborska cesta 63 (west Zagreb)

    • Pre-school children
    • All instruments
    • Violin/piano for advanced students

  • 30 min
    • € 17
    • € 17

  • 45 min
    • € 24

  • 60 min
    • € 30
    • € 35

Zvučni Planet is an association and does not charge VAT.

Founded in 2008


Our ‘first violin’ is indeed the violin, and our pupils have won numerous national and international prizes.



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